US Ambassador to Denmark, Jobindex A/S

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Jobindex A/SUS Ambassador to Denmark

Jobindex A/S recruiting on behalf of the US Embassy

The greatest job, just the best, really
I promised that I would find a fantastic new Ambassador to Denmark. US has the best job, and it is really quite amazing just how great this Ambassador job is. America first, you know, but Denmark can be second, whereever it is.

Denmark is not even a country
It’s fake, Denmark. You cannot have a country with only 5 million people. I’ve talked to people and they all think what I said. It’s a tiny little place and they even claim to have the best beer in the world. That’s crooked. America has the best beer ever brewed. It’s tremendous.

Make America in Denmark great again
The US Ambassador will be an American. I need someone who can say “Donald, I’m going to treat the Americans well. I’m going to take care of Americans, do the best for Americans in Denmark. They are treated horribly by the Danes - the people, not the pastry.”

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