Firmware Engineer (Data Acquisition), CERN

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Firmware Engineer (Data Acquisition)

CERN, Meyrin

Are you ready to take responsibility for data acquisition at the terabit scale, at the limit of currently available technology? Are you familiar with large multi-developer FPGA firmware projects? Then join the online team of the LHCb. CERN, take part!

You will:

  • Be responsible for the common part of the readout system implemented in high-end FPGAs and very high-performance servers connected by a high-speed local area network; this includes an important part of the FPGA firmware (written in VHDL) and the associated Linux kernel drivers.
  • Take a leading role in the integration of sub-detector firmware and in the integration of the readout-modules in the overall data acquisition system for which the LBC group is also the main responsible.
  • Achieve the commissioning of the upgrade of the LHCb data acquisition.

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