Chemists for Technical Services and Innovation Projects, Teknologisk Institut

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Teknologisk Institut
Chemists for Technical Services and Innovation Projects

Teknologisk Institut, Aarhus

At the Danish Technological Institute, we are busy developing new technologies and supporting our clients in the Oil and Gas industry worldwide. Therefore, we are seeking talented and dedicated colleagues who are passionate about applying and disseminating high-end solutions to the challenges of the oil and gas industry, helping supply energy for the world safely and efficiently.

We are a team of highly skilled project managers, consultants, and specialists with backgrounds within physics, chemistry, microbiology, and engineering.

The areas we address include:

  • Tracer solutions, improving understanding of flow in reservoirs and forming basis for decision about production optimisation.
  • Technology to optimise oil recovery, e.g. through plugging of fractures in reservoirs and improvement of water sweep
Teknologisk Institut

Indrykket 25. september

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