Data Scientist, Maersk Drilling

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Data Scientist

Maersk Drilling, Lyngby

Are you an entry level data enthusiast who wants to use insights and analytics to help Maersk Drilling lead within the new reality of offshore drilling? Can you see the potential in data and find ways to turn it into real business value? The industry is undergoing major structural changes and is in the middle of a digital revolution. The need for data and insights to successfully drive this transformation is vital, which will give you a chance to play an important role in a number of high profile, innovative and strategic projects.

Key Responsibilities

  • Analyze large-scale data volume to deliver insightful analytics that solve key business problems.
  • Develop innovative experimental design and measurement methodologies.
  • Test hypothesis through controlled experiments.

You must be truly passionate about data and be able to – either alone or together with others - unlock the potential of data.

Maersk Drilling

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