Terminal Transformation Leader, Aarhus, APM Terminals - Aarhus A/S

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APM Terminals - Aarhus A/S
Terminal Transformation Leader, Aarhus

APM Terminals - Aarhus A/S

This position at the terminal works with the Operational Excellence programme, being the terminal change agent (“change anchor”), key for the success of the transformation programme.

The main responsibility of this role is to implement in the terminal the Programme’s workstream elements, as well as to lead and support continuous improvement & lean initiates, whilst coaching the organization on the new Operating System.

Key Responsibilities

Be the local change agent for the Operational Excellence Programme elements.

  • Positively influence and actively manage behavioural change according the principles developed in the Operational Excellence programme
  • Drive and coordinate the local implementation of the Programme’s elements delivered by the workstreams leaders, including Process Standardization, Operating System, One Set of Numbers and Improvement Cycles (I-cycles).
APM Terminals - Aarhus A/S

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