Senior Software Developer, Qiagen Gmbh

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Qiagen GmbhSenior Software Developer

Qiagen Gmbh, Aarhus

QIAGEN Aarhus is a leading center in the development of world class, bioinformatics analysis software. We are looking for a highly competent developer with years of experience as part of our mission to make improvements in life possible.

You will be part of a large software project, characterized by many complex algorithms with a heavy scientific foundation (bioinformatics). Your colleagues are highly motivated, competent and loyal, and we expect you to be as well.

You are familiar with most common contemporary software technologies, as well as software testing technologies and will be able to contribute to the project after a short introductory period.

You can coordinate your own day and reaches out when that is prudent.

Indrykket 5. oktober

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