PhD position in the NanoChemistry Group, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

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Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
PhD position in the NanoChemistry Group

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

A 3-year PhD position at DTU Chemistry is available from 15th January 2018.

The PhD candidate will engage in a state-of-the-art project under the title “Perovskite-graphene 2D heterostructures for solar light harvesting and photo-induced charge transfer”, a DFF-FNU project awarded to Dr. Qijin Chi by Independent Research Fund Denmark (IRFD). The qualified PhD candidate will be under the supervision of associate professor Qijin Chi, along with one or two co-supervisors, for her/his PhD study for a period of three years.

Candidates who are interested in the position must have obtained a master degree in chemistry, materials science, physics or other related fields, and have acquired necessary research background and experience.

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