Full-time Digital Marketer, Niels Brock

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Niels BrockFull-time Digital Marketer

Niels Brock

Niels Brock is hiring a full-time Digital Marketer to market our international education programs in Denmark (Copenhagen Business College) and San Diego (California International Business University) to students around the world.

We are looking for an experienced digital marketer who can plan, execute and measure digital marketing campaigns targeted on international students in English. You have a deep understanding of the customer journey and turning potential prospects into leads that ultimately sign up as students.

We expect you to be experienced in Facebook ads and Mailchimp funnels and that you continuously optimize the campaigns in order to reach the challenging goals.

You’ll have a part-time student assistent to help you with content writing and a telemarketer to assist you with student leads follow-up to your disposal.

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