Creation Lab Developers for Smart Payments at Østerbro, Nets A/S

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Nets A/S
Creation Lab Developers for Smart Payments at Østerbro

Nets A/S

Smart Payments is an innovation initiative from Nets, with the goal of being in the forefront of all the transformations that are currently happening within the digital payment domain.

We have a customer centric way of working – we put pride in understanding the end-users and only makes solutions that solve real problems.

We are extending our team and are looking for two developers. One with focus on user interfaces both on mobile and web, and one that can develop scalable, secure and modular backend services.

We work in small teams with diverse competence to produce proof of concepts. This gives you an opportunity to take responsibility and set your own mark on future solutions.

We work in a thriving environment characterized by team play and informality and with plenty of social activities within sports, culture and social network.

Nets A/S

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